Inspired by protective foam and mesh packaging for fruit and vegetables, these designs explore some the different shapes and textures found in my observational drawings and mark making studies.

Although I don’t want to glorify plastic pollution through my designs, I do believe that every cloud has a silver lining and through the current global plastic awareness campaign it is making people stop and think which in turn, creates change. I am very hopeful for change. I love abstraction because I feel it’s a great way to express and communicate instinctive feelings and emotions in response to complex topics and situations.

Having grown up with a Lebanese Mother, the table has always been the heart of our home. We gather pretty much every Sunday to eat delicious food and we laugh, debate, share our day-to-day, cry, argue, make announcements and celebrate. Warm and generosity hospitality are part and parcel of Middle Eastern culture and is something they are very proud of. In celebration of that, I wanted my first collection to be focussed around the table.

My aim for my tableware is to inspire and be an instant conservation starter. All my life I’ve been surrounded by beautiful chintz’s, stripes and florals (which I adore) so it’s an aesthetic I’m very comfortable with. I therefore wanted to design abstract prints for this collection that are layered, raw, unique yet playful and that would perhaps stimulate and challenge people to step outside of their comfort zone, be daring and have fun.

I hope you like my work.

Petra x