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Our goal is to design for longevity by creating beautiful, visually inspiring and high-quality home accessories that you will desire, want to keep, look after and that will improve with age. Within a culture of rapidly changing tastes and trends, we believe our role is to create lasting relationships between you and our products whilst treading as lightly as possible on earth.

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Our Range

Our range of hand painted floral water carafes and tumblers are bold, unique, textural and colourful. We encourage you to mix them up as we believe there is no right or wrong way to style things. The mix and match approach allows you to bring in your own personal aesthetic in varying colours, shapes and patterns so our advice is to have fun, be daring and try not to over think it!

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Discover the exciting projects we’ve been working on, read about Petra's travels and unique recommendations, find out what and who has been inspiring her and catch a glimpse of her printmaking design developments inside her sketchbooks...

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